Certified & Notarized Translations

Our translations are certified at the end of each document (only the translator can certify it) and prepared in accordance with the United States Regulation 8 CFR 103.2 b (3).

If the signature of the translator has to be notarized (for USCIS, it is necessary), the translator cannot notarize his own signature, so it has to be done by another Notary Public. We will arrange for this to be done.

  • Please specify whether you would like to have the translator’s signature notarized.

When the notarized translation is intended for official use abroad, the signature of the Notary Public has to be certified by the Secretary of State of California (office in Sacramento), this is called an Apostille.

  • Confidentiality is guaranteed at all stages.


We send certified translations by United States Postal Service (USPS). Once your package is shipped, you will be provided with a tracking number.

Domestic shipping rates:

  • Priority Mail – $10.00
  • Express Mail – $22.00

International shipping:

We deliver translations abroad using either USPS or FedEx postal delivery services depending on your requirements. Fees vary depending on country, city and zip code. We will contact USPS and FedEx to get the exact pricing for your location.

  • Don’t hesitate to call us for information, tariffs, delivery at: 408 823 8632.


  • Preferred payment is through PayPal (we need to receive your payment before starting work).
  • A check is acceptable, but it has to be cashed before we start work.

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